Under the reign of Gia Long, in order to be circulated, peoples brought silver to the mint governed by the Court to have it verified and cast in bar. Gia Long silver bars had several varieties:

  • 10 liang silver bar had its value same as 28 "quan"
  • 1 lang silver bar had its value same as "2 quan 8 tien". The observe side had characters "Gia Long Nien Tao" and the reverse side had "Tinh Ngan Nhat Lang" (1 liang pure silver) . On the sides, there were "Tri Tien Nhi Quan Bat Mach" (Value 2 quan 8 mach) and "Trung Binh hieu" (weight by scale of Trung Binh used only for gold and silver)
  • 5 tien silver bar had its value same as 1 quan 4 mach. The Court tried to regulate the market of silver and cash coin by inscribing the equivalent value of cash coin on the bar. However, when the currency exchange rate was different, the bar was cut into pieces to exchange by weight of silver.