Emperor Le Uy Muc was an insane monarch. Discontent spread around. Realizing his life was in danger, he recruited the martial art experts as body guard. One of them was Mac Dang Dung who marked the end of Le dynasty later. Mac slain Emperor Le Cung Hoang in 1527, took the power and changed the reign title to Minh Duc. One year later, Mac made Le dynasty officially replaced by ordering to cast new Minh Duc coins, but the task of casting coin was not much successful.Later, Mac cast small coins with alloy of copper mixed with zinc and iron. Mac's iron zinc coins were easily rusty and could not be found any.
Two kinds of Minh Duc coin could be found at the present time, one with a plain reverse side and the other with 2 characters Van Tue , meaning 'Ten thousand years'. The coins with plain reverse side had the same calligraphy as coin of Doan Khanh, Hong Duc in Le dynasty. Other Minh Duc coins with two characters Van Tue on the reverse side had the same inscription Van Tue on the reverse side of Thai Duc coin cast by Nguyen Nhac (Tay Son). Some reaserchers thought that Minh Duc coins ,with the plain reverse side, cast by Mac and the other cast by Nguyen Nhac.