left: 24.5 mm, 3.8 gram
right: 26 mm, 5.27 gram
Emperor Le Kinh Tong and Trinh Xuan plotted to eliminate Trinh Lord. The conspiracy was failed, Lord Trinh Tung threw Trinh Xuan into prison and forced Emperor kinh Tong to hang himself. Trinh Lord enthroned Prince Duy Ky as emperor Le Than Tong. Emperor Than Tong was on the throne from 1619 to 1643 with the reign title Vinh To, Duc Long and Duong Hoa, then left the throne to his son, Emperor Le Chan Tong, and became the Highest King. Emperor Chan Tong died after 6 years. The relation of the Highest King Than Tong with Trinh Lord was so good that Trinh Trang called Le Than Tong back to the throne from 1649 to 1662 with the reign title Khanh Duc, Thinh Duc, Vinh Tho and Van Khanh. Under his rule, no coins in zinc, iron, lead and tin were allowed to cast or to circulate. Coin of Vinh Tho thong bao was in copper with the plain reverse side and had several varieties.