25.5 mm, 5.96 gram
Emperor Le Tuc Tong was on the throne only 6 months then died in 1504. The Court enthroned Prince Tuan as Emperor Le Uy Muc, with the reign title Doan Khanh. Emperor Uy Muc was an insane monarch who killed his grandmother and several ministers. Discontent spread around. Realizing his life was in danger, he recruited the martial art experts as body guard. One of them was Mac Dang Dung who marked the end of Le dynasty later. In 1509, Emperor locked up Gian Tu Cong who was Emperor Thanh Tong's nephew. Gian Tu Cong bribed the prison warden to escape and organized a coup to overthrow Uy Muc. The Emperor committed suicide by drinking poison later.
Doan Khanh coins were thick, there were particularly heavy Doan Khanh coin, more than 6 gram, but there were no record to explain.