Left: Gia Thai (Le): 24.3 mm, 3.38 gram
Right: Jia Tai (Tong, China)
After the failed plot to overthrow Trinh lord, Le Cap De who was the Emperor's accomplice was put to death, Emperor Le Anh Tong fled to Nghe An province. Trinh Tung enthroned Prince Duy Dam as Emperor Le The Tong. Gia Thai was the first reign title (1573-1577), then was changed to Quang Hung later (1578-1599). In 1593, Trinh Tung defeated Mac Mau Hop, retook Thang Long citadel and rebuilt the capital for Emperor The Tong. Trinh proclaimed himself Lord and hold power over political and military matters, the Emperor retained only a nominal power. Emperor The Tong died in the eighth month of the twenty second year of Quang Hung (1599).
Historians did not mention about Gia Thai thong bao coin, but coins were found in Viet Nam. In China, Emperor Sung Ning Tsung had the reign title of Jia Tai (Gia Thai, 1202-1204 ) and also cast Jia Tai 'tung pao' and 'yuan pao' coins. However the Chinese 1-cash Jia Tai tung pao always had character (either Yuan, Erh, San, or Szu) on their reverse side. Viet's Gia Thai thong bao had a plain reverse.