In 1433, Emperor Le Thai To died. His son ascended to the throne as Emperor Le Thai Tong under the regency of Le Sat. His first reign title was Thieu Binh, changed to Dai Bao later. When he acceded the throne, Thai Tong was only 11 years old. Four years later, Thai Tong accused Le Sat, allowed him to commit suicide and took the reigns of power. When freed of constraints, the Emperor directed his youthful energy to lustful pursuits. Under his rule, the rate of currency was changed from 50 to 60 cash to be 1 quan.
Thieu Binh thong bao coin cast in the first year of Thieu Binh, historians recited. Coins were thick and in copper, with its diameter 24 to 25 mm. There were other smaller version of Thieu Binh coins, with diameter about 20 mm, believed to be cast in 18 century, the period of Vietnamese shoguns, Trinh and Nguyen.