1. Cu+?u Vu. Khiêm
2. Hô` Lu+u Khiêm
3. Ða?o Ti.nh Khiêm
4. Du~ Khiêm Ta.
5. Xung Khiêm Ta.
6. Ðiê.n Ho`a Khiêm
7. Ðiê.n Lu+o+ng Khiêm
8. Minh Khiêm Ðu+o+`ng
9. Ôn Khiêm Ðu+o+`ng
10. Chi' Khiêm Ðu+o+`ng
11. Sân Châ`u
12. Nha` Bia
13. Hô` Tiê?u Khiêm
14. Mô. Vua
15. Mô. Hoa`ng Hâ.u
16. Lang Vua Kiê'n Phu'c
This tomb is the general blending of all the colors of the firmament and of all the tints of water: it is an amalgamation of high mountains, of thick forests, of wind blowing though foliage. This tomb is a spectacle of nature, a marvel of great beauty, added to another sight, created by the hand of man, of a beauty no less marvelous. It is the patient and inspired work of the artist whose intention was to color the countryside to awaken the awaiting soul, soaring in the silence of this mournful place or whispering in the top of the lone pine tree. There are not the words to express the bizarre sensation, both gentle and of tender exhilaration, which grips one with eagerness for poetry in this scenery charged with depth and mystery.

Quynh Pham